French Oak - Augusta - Wellborn + Wright

French Oak

Grade | Rustic AB or Prime

Milled Profiles | T&G w/ Micro-bevel

Thickness |
– Solid: 19mm (~3/4”)
– Engineered: 19mm (15mm core w/ 4mm wear layer)

Widths |
– Solid: 120mm-220mm, increments on 20mm (4-3/4” – 8-5/8”)
– Engineered: 120-260mm, increments on 20mm (4-3/4” – 10-1/4”)

Textures | Sanded, Heavy Wire-Brushed, or Hand Scraped

Lengths | Random
– Solid: 600-2450mm (majority 7-8’)
– Engineered: 600-3000mm (majority 7-10’)

Refined + Elegant
European oak is special in how it’s cut from the log. The Europeans take a “square” from the center called a “cant” and slice it into pieces. The result is a wider plank with a gorgeous plain sawn center and rift and quartered edges. Yes, all 3 cuts in 1 board! Its slow growth rate produces tighter grain, higher tannin content, and a more stable product. Grown and harvested in Europe.