Rift & Quartered - Gunston - Wellborn + Wright

Rift & Quartered

Grade | Character or Select

Hardness | Janka 1360

Milled Profiles | T&G w/ Micro-Bevel or Square Edge

Thickness | 3/4” Solid or Engineered w/ 5mm wear layer

Widths | Solid up to 8”, Engineered up to 9”

Textures | Sanded, Heavy Wire-Brushed, or Hand Scraped

Lengths | 2’-12’

Calm + Consistent
Rift and Quartered oak is very unique and sought after for it’s stability and unique color and grain pattern. Due to the way it’s cut, this product offers supreme stability in humid environments. The unique grain comes from the woods medullary rays (quarter sawn only). Those are the “flecks” of grain you see that are actually capillaries inside the wood that create a ribbon-like effect. Perfect for those who prefer less character-esque wood products.